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The fastest way to earning money and becoming rich is in fact, not by buying shares or property investments; these are slower methods to create wealth. The fastest way to make real money is through starting and building your own business asset.

The statistics published about new businesses, says that four (4) out of five (5) new businesses fail within five years because of bad business and marketing plans , and the remaining, four (4) out of five (5) of the businesses fail within the next 4 years. According to statistics over 14million people die annually, as a result of not knowing what to do about their health status Resonant Cash Flow will provide these for you for free.

  1. A one time registration fee of one $13 (thirteen dollars) is all you need, and that can change your life forever. You can also buy or sell product so that you can earn your product commission. Once you are registered into Resonant Cash Flow you are on your way to becoming a millionaire.
  2. Earnings are paid directly into your ewallet account, via your choice payment system in less than 72 hours of fund withdrawal you can get your fund directly into your bank account.
  3. Choose the currency to be paid in any country of your choice, dollar, Euro, Pounds or in your local currency.
  4.  Once you are registered and your account is activated and you can sponsor 4 downlines, you can earn money at all levels with or without your knowledge.
  5. You also enjoy soft LOAN with very low interest rate in various levels in the network.
  6. The company’s excellent and friendly costumer care service is outstanding.
  7. Wonderful training methods to help our clients build lasting wealth and prosperity.
  8. With Resonant Cash Flow you can become a millionaire in less than a year, if you are ready to give it a trail. 
  9. Everyone is an earner, as long as you have friends, relatives, co-workers and neighbours you can share RESONANT CASH FLOW with. It is the network where your money is safe and future guaranteed.

Resonant Cash Flow is more rewarding than any known network, best known home-based business that guarantees great potential residual income. RESONANT CASH FLOW provides you 12 (Twelve) credible ways you can earn great residual income form the network:-

          a. Referral/spillover commission up to 5%

          b. Retail profits on product bought up to 30%

          c. Personal purchase bonus on all personal purchase up to 30%.

          d. Corresponding indirect bonus from your downlines product purchase. Up to 30%.

          e. Monthly Fast Track Bonus up to 10%

          f. Matching Bonus up to 10%

          g. Team Bonus for consultants in 2nd Matrix up to 5%

          h. Total monthly company’s turnover share up to 1% for 3rd Matrix Consultants.

          i. You also get LOAN without collataral up to $19,000 (Nineteen Thousand Dollars)

          j. Awards worth over $120,000.00(one hundred and twenty thousand dollars) during company’s yearly promo.

          k. Forced Matrix commission of over $40, 950 (Forty Thousand Nine Hundred and fifty Dollars) from level 1 in 1st Matrix (member)to      level4   in 3rd Matrix (Executive Director).

          l. Resonant Retirement Bonus for All Directors, Total monthly company’s turnover share up to 1%.


  1. RESONANT CASH FLOW is a stress free and a convenient network for all levels
  2. RESONANT CASH FLOW is the ideal business for anyone who wishes to succeed in a very unique way.
  3. You get FREE CONSULTATION in Healthcare, Business, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Career Choice and Investments.
  4. You are haven the opportunity to make a choice of business from over 150 various kind of businesses. The business plan and details will be sent to you for free as a member.
  5. You also get access to over 1,000 eBooks (some for free) authored by great men and women with proven track record of success in Business, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Healthcare, Career Choice and Investments.
  6. You can earn and benefit from any or all our 4 (four) insurance scheme 1. Save and Earn, 2. Save and Study, 3. Save and Live & 4. Save and Build.
  7. Our health products are wonderful- Outstanding Result! Complements a woman’s total beauty, men's vitality and total wellness. A MUST! for every woman, it clears and opens up blocked fallopian tubes, melts and clears ovarian cysts, melts fibroid , clears all kinds of vaginal infections, eliminates vaginal odour, tightens and firms up the vagina , firms up the breasts, beautifies the skin and face with an exceptional glow. Radiating beauty from inside out. Male and female fertility solution and general health solution as stated in our health care page.
  8. AWARDS From level 1 in the 2nd MATRIX (GOLDEN CONSULTANT) you are qualified for the company’s award during promo. (NOTE:- the award is strictly meant for consultants with certain PV, PPV or GPV). RESONANT CASH FLOW has 11 (Eleven) principal awards for her consultants every year during her promo, such as:-

 1. At level 1: You become a Member with Personal Sales PV -0, Team Sales PV-0, Downline Count - 0 (Benefit: Non)

 2. At level 2: You become a Consultant with Personal Sales PV -250, Team Sales PV-1,000, Downline Count - 4 (Benefit: Team Bonus)

 3.At level 3: You become a Bronze Consultant with Personal Sales PV -1,000, Team Sales PV-2,500, Downline Count - 16, (Benefit: Android Phone and Team Bonus).

 4. At level 4: You become a Silver Consultant with Personal Sales PV -2,000, Team Sales PV-10,000, Downline Count - 64, (Benefit: 42 LCD LG TV Worth $500 and Team Bonus)



5. At level 5: You become a Golden Consultant with Personal Sales PV -5,000, Team Sales PV-100,000, Downline Count - 256, (Benefit: 6.5KVA Big Generator Worth $1,500 and Team Bonus)

6. At level 6: You become a Diamond Consultant with Personal Sales PV -10,000, Team Sales PV-300,000, Downline Count - 1,024, (Benefit: Holiday Trip to Sun city worth $7,500 and Team Bonus)


7. At level 7: You become a Platinum Consultant with Personal Sales PV -20,000, Team Sales PV-500,000, Downline Count - 4,096, (Benefit:  A Brand-New Car Kia Rio Worth $15,000 and Team Bonus)



8. At level 8: You become Star 1 Consultant with Personal Sales PV -36,000, Team Sales PV-1,000,000, Downline Count - 5,000, (Benefit: Business Empowerment Cash Award of $25,000 and Team Bonus)

9. At level 9: You become Star 2 Consultant with Personal Sales PV -70,000, Team Sales PV-1,500,000, Downline Count - 6,000, (Benefit: Good Fellow Banquet worth over $35,000 and Team Bonus)


10. At level 10: You become Star 3 Consultant with Personal Sales PV -130,000, Team Sales PV-3,000,000, Downline Count - 7,000, (Benefit: A Brand New KIA SPORTAGE JEEP Worth $50,000 and Team Bonus)


11. At level 11: You become a Director with Personal Sales PV -250,000, Team Sales PV-4,000,000, Downline Count - 8,000, (Benefit: A Brand New 4 Bedroom Duplex Worth $75,000 and Team Bonus)



12. At level 12: You become an Executive Director Personal Sales PV -500,000, Team Sales PV-5,000,000, Downline Count - 10,000, (Benefit: 1% total Monthlyand Annual Company’s turnover share income for life).

NOTE; PV; means Point Valve, PPV; means Personal Point Valve, and GPV; means Group Point Valve, the three point valves are used for award. Your point value is calculated automatically by the system as you order products. All products have its point value.