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What Is Easy Loan Empowerment Network A.K.A Resonant Cashflow About?

It is a unique network established to lead into a more excellent pathway to success and financial freedom. It is also established to promote access to easy loan, vibrant healthy lifestyle, self reliance, entrepreneurship, how to start and grow your own business from scratch, through proper counseling and corporate assistance.

What Does It Take To Become A Member Of Easy Loan Empowerment Network A.K.A Resonant Cashflow?

For you to become a member of ELEN aka Resonant Cashflow, you need to pay one time membership fee of $175 (one hundred and seventy five dollars) only. Resonant Cashflow provides all intending members an offline and online registration medium; once your payment is confirmed by the administrative officer you will be automatically activated.

After My Registration Is There Any Subsequent Payment Like Monthly Fees, Dues Or Buying/selling Of Products Before I Can Earn?

There are no subsequent fees or dues, you can decide on your own to buy or sell products from the network in order to earn product commission, but you will be earning your forced matrix commissions. Once you are a registered member of Resonant Cashflow, all you need do is to sponsor 4 persons under you and encourage them also to sponsor theirs.

How Do I Register Into Easy Loan Empowerment Network Aka Resonant Cashflow?

To register into Easy Loan empowerment Network aka Resonant Cashflow, you need to be sponsored by a registered member, and then you pay one time $175 (one hundred and seventy five dollars) only, activation/registration fee.

How Do I Really Benefit From Easy Loan Empowerment Network Aka Resonant Cashflow?

When your membership is activated, you are mandated to sponsor your 4 downlines, then you can start earning forced matrix commissions up to $40, 950 (Forty Thousand Nine Hundred and Fifty Dollars). You enjoy easy Loan of over $19,000 (Nineteen Thousand Dollars), Our Expert Team offers you free counseling and consultation in various areas; Health Care, Business, Entrepreneurship (Self Employment), Network Marketing, Investment, Career, etc. You can also buy/sell great health products and earn commissions and awards, you can also buy/sell downloadable eBooks to over 1,000 eBooks (some are free) authored by great men and women with proven track record of success in entrepreneurship, leadership, healthcare, career choice and investments.

How Is My Benefits/earnings Paid, And How Many Time Can I Make Withdrawal In A Month?

All your cash earnings are paid directly into your ewallet account by the system as they are activated into the Network, you can make withdrawal from your member area/back office and your fund is transferred directly into your bank account. You can make withdrawal 5 times a month. Payments are made every Wednesdays.

How Does The System Really Work?

After your registration and activation, you enjoy 12 (twelve) different earnings/commissions as a member, the system pays you from your downlines registration fees immediately their membership is activated, from level 1 of the 1st forced matrix to level 4 of the 3rd forced matrix, you earn forced matrix commission of over $40, 950 (Forty Thousand Nine Hundred and fifty Dollars). You also earn great PV and commissions up to 30% on any product purchased by you and your dowinlines. That is over 90% payout to members by the system, e.t.c.

Can I Register More Than Once, Or As A Parent Can I Register For My Children?

Yes off course, you can register as many times as you wish, but you must use a different USER ID, EMAIL and you must also sponsor four (4) downlines for each registration. As a parent you can register your children, but you must sponsor four (4) downlines for them, so that they can earn from the network.

What Benefit Will I Get If I Sponsor More Than 4 Downlines, And What Happens To Me If I Am Not Able To Sponsor Any Downline?

If you sponsor more than 4 downlines with your USER ID, you will earn an instant 5% referral commission, it will spillover to any of your downlines who has not completed their 4 downlines, and it will help you move faster in the matrix table. If you are not able to sponsor any downline, your membership automatically becomes dormant and you cannot earn any benefit from the network. Main while we advise you to try and get to level 4 so that you can fully enjoy the benefits from the network.

How Do I Know My Position In The Network And When I Am Qualified For A LOAN?

After registration and activation your USER ID, and PASSWORD will be sent to your email box for you to access your personal back office and position in the network online. Once your genealogy is complete at level 2, in the 1st matrix the system will send an email to the administrator that you are qualified for a loan but the loan is given between level 2 to level 4, after you have been satisfied ok by the leader. NOTE; To get the LOAN after the client have been qualified, the following must be properly checked and supervised by the leader. (1) The client knowledge about the business he/she is intending to do or is doing. He/she must undergo proper training about that particular business. (2) The client knowledge about the principles of business money management. (a) Financial intelligence (b) Financial Planning, and (c) Financial Discipline. (3) The client's downlines activities, his/her downlines must be very active because their downline activities is their surety. LOAN must not be give to any client that does not have active downlines.

Can I Change My Sponsor After Registration, If I Don't Want To Be In His Or Her Team?

Yes, In Resonant Cash Flow you are at liberty to change your sponsor. All you need to do is send an email to the Admin with your USERNAME, OLD SPONSOR and NEW SPONSOR, the change will be with immediate effect.

What Happens After My Level 4 Bonus In The 3rd Matrix, Where Will My Name Be In The System?

You will be automatically readmitted in to the network by the system, and you will start earning Resonant Retirement Bonus total company’s turnover share up to 1% monthly for life.

What Do I Do To Get Free Consultation In Any Of My Choice Areas?

To get free consultations in any areas especially in healthcare, entrepreneurship, leadership, career choice and investments, you must be a registered/active member of the network, and you that automatically qualifies you to benefit from all that the network has to offer.

How Do I Order Product And How Do I Benefit From Products Purchased By Me And My Downlines?

You can order any product of your choice directly online or offline with your USER ID and earn up to 30% commission through your PV and GPV from your downlins. The products are always delivered via shipment or courier services.

At Which Level Am I Qualify To Receive Any Award From The Network?

Once you are a registered member and you meet the required PV or GPV for AWARD, no matter your level in the matrix you are qualified for the award, and it will be awarded to you during the company’s promo. The award is strictly based on PV, PPV or GPV (ie product purchased only). All products from Resonant Cashflow carry PV.

How Does RESONANT CASH FLOW Insurance Scheme Work?

Resonant Cashflow operates 4 basic insurance scheme which is affiliated to over 10 various insurance companies, 1. SAVE AND EARN, 2. SAVE AND STUDY, 3. SAVE AND LIVE and 4. SAVE AND BUILD. You save 30-40% of your earnings from level 1 of 2nd matrix to level 3 of the 3rd matrix to get the full benefits.

How Do I Join or Invest Into Resonant Investment Scheme?

In order to start investing - you need to first become a member of RESONANT CASHFLOW and sponsor your 4 downlines using your USERNAME, and then create your investment account with $10 (ten dollars) registration fee, the is not part of your investment. Simply go to our main page (www.resonantcashflow.com) and click on "ready to sign up" on the top right side of the website. It will take you to the registration page where you will fill out all required fields.

What Does The Investment Scheme Looks Like?

We run three (3) investment packages of; Classic, Universal and Master packages. CLASSIC PACKAGE- In this package you invest minimum of $50 (fifty dollars) to maximum of $1,000 (one thousand dollars) investment capital and it runs for 100 business days, you get 60% ROI, you can withdraw your capital and interest at the expiration period. UNIVERSAL PACKAGE- In this package you invest minimum of $1,500 (one thousand five hundred dollars) to maximum of $5,000 (five thousand dollars) investment capital and it runs for 100 business days, you get 80% ROI, you can withdraw your capital and interest at the expiration period. MASTER PACKAGE- In this package you invest minimum of $5, 500 (five thousand five hundred dollars) to maximum of $10,000 (ten thousand dollars) investment capital and it runs for 100 business days, you get 100% ROI, you can withdraw your capital and interest at the expiration period.

What Benefit Will I Get From The Network, If I Become An Affiliate?

The network pays you $5 (Five Dollars) only for any membership registration done through you centre, or that carries your affiliation link. To get affiliate link you must be a registered member in level 2 of the 2nd matrix.

What Class Of People Should Register To Become Members Of RESONANT CASHFLOW?

Membership is open to individuals and cooperate organizations all over the world that can afford the membership registration fee of $175 (one hundred and seventy five dollars) only and that can also invite others to join the network.

How Does The Scholarship Scheme Work?

Every year 200 scholarships will be distributed among the students who are members of RESONANT CASHFLOW NETWORK throughout the country. This will be based on the student academic performance and effort in the network.